Toyota Tacoma Tent Camper – Key Facts to Know Before Buying

Toyota Tacoma tent camper has huge demand but but how can you choose the right Toyota Tacoma camping tent for your trip? We have listed some of the key factors you should consider when purchasing one.

Best Measurements For Toyota Tacoma Tent Camper

A key to getting the right Toyota tent camper is taking correct measurements of a Toyota Tacoma truck. This will ensure a decent fit. The air mattresses for this truck are 5.25, 6.5, and 8 feet in length. For greater sizes, people must find a greater truck tent.

People should know that a few Toyota Tacoma tents feature a zip-up window. It allows people a rear window sight.


A truck bed tent that is easy to install is a bonus for users. It helps them save their precious time. They can also do the installation themselves and save money in the process.


People can purchase a Toyota Tacoma rooftop tent or truck bed tent. People will find varieties of these types. They generally require a precise mount or Toyota Tacoma rooftop tent rack. Rooftop tents are of two prime categories, which are hard and soft Toyota Tacoma camper shells.

Below, we will review a few Toyota Tacoma camping tent truck bed models available.

Mid-Size Toyota Tacoma Tent Camper Truck

Mid-Size Camper Top Tent for vehicles with tailgate width EQUAL TO OR LESS THAN 58 inches. EASY SETUP – Less than 5 minutes to assemble. Door panels tie back for maximum ventilation, or zip closed for protection from the weather and privacy. No more camping on the hard ground with those “creepy crawlers”.

Camper Top Tents fit some SUVs, sport utility vehicles, and trucks with camper shells, or caps, with a tailgate and rear window that raises up and out. Mid-Size Camper Top Tent for vehicles with tailgate width EQUAL TO OR LESS THAN 58 inches.

  • NOTE: This Tent WILL NOT fit vehicles with external spare tire mounted on rear of vehicle.
  • EASY SETUP – Less than 5 minutes to assemble. * Bungy cord with plastic coated hooks draw attach to vehicle underframe and holds tent snug against vehicle.
  • Door panels tie back for maximum ventilation, or zip closed for protection from the weather and privacy.
  • Inverted ‘T’ layout on insect screen and two way zippers provide easy entry into rear of vehicle. * No more camping on the hard ground with those “creepy crawlers”. * Includes carrying bag.


There were number of frustrated users who complained this model did not provide more detailed size/fit information for prospective purchasers, and other reviewers said that the short tent/door height could be a negative factor so make sure to check these two issues before buying this tent.


Rightline Gear Truck Toyota Tacoma Tent Camper

People can easily set up this truck bed tent on their Toyota Tacoma. It covers a full-sized truck and weighs a mere 8 pounds. This tent allows two people to sleep comfortably. It comes with a warranty of one year against flaws. It comprises a robust fabric that’s very weather resistant. So, people can happily go camping regardless of the weather at their campsite.


  • Floorless design – The tent does not have a floor. So, people do not need to remove their gear from the bed when setting it up or dismantling it. Another advantage is that the tent doesn’t pick up grime present on the truck bed
  • Color-coded Poles and pockets – a colored tape marks every dome pole to its matching pole pocket. Folks do not need to guess which pole will go where. Thus, they can set the tent up easily and promptly
  • A rainfly is included in the pack – People can attach and remove as and when needed
  • This Toyota Tacoma canopy tent has a mesh window panel, and a sky vent – They allow ventilation and light throughout the day


There are mixed reviews on this model due to incorrect fitment. Some owners of 2017 Toyota Tacoma with a 5 foot bed have complained there are gaping openings on both ends of the tailgate. We recommend actually looking over their exact measurement chart before purchasing this product.


Hasika Waterproof Toyota Tacoma Tent Camper Double Layer Full Size

This Toyota Tacoma Trd tent exclusively serves mid-size short-bed trucks. Its great features facilitate camping in wet conditions. People will have a fun camping time in their truck tent even when it’s snowing or raining. It has double-layer protection to ensure campers’ safety from outdoor elements.

Some great features of this Toyota Tacoma truck bed tent are:

  • Three people can sleep in it
  • En suite floor
  • Big rear mesh windows, as well as side vents – They, facilitate ventilation
  • 5′ x 6.5′ Awning – This offers a sizable shade that can cover chairs, tables, children, pets, etc., to offer protection from the outside elements
  • Very compatible – It fits trucks with beds of 5.5 feet to 5.8 feet
  • Very easy setup
  • PU coated polyester with 2,000-4,000 mm waterproof ratings – It provides great protection from water


Lack of quality control and bad directions. Some people received instructions that were not even for this particular product. Some campers also complained of fabric ripping while trying to set it up. People who only own 5 foot Tacoma truck should try this tent.


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Truck Bed Toyota Tacoma Tent Camper from Napier Backroadz

This truck bed tent offers utility on a budget. Its several size variations make it a great tent for Tacoma and different trucks, including Chevrolet, Ford, etc. The design is such that it fits trucks featuring a bed liner or toolbox. For Tacoma truck owners, two sizes (compact regular bed and compact short bed) will fit depending on what size is your Tacoma truck bed.

Some great features of this tent are:

  • Completely Seamed Floor – People can stay clean from their truck and secure from the elements
  • Roomy Interior featuring sufficient headroom for two adults to sleep comfortably
  • Gear pocket, Gear loft, and lantern holder – People can keep their items tidy and handy
  • The windows and the door has zipped storm flaps – They facilitate privacy and offer protection from the weather
  • People can assemble the tent centered on color-coded poles and sleeves – Thus, one person can set it up in no time
  • A full-coverage rainfly and clips are included in the pack – Campers can attach the rainfly easily with the clips to enjoy exceptional security from fluctuating climatic conditions
  • Campers can place a standard air mattress comfortably into the tent



People have more choices for a Toyota Tacoma tent camper nowadays. How about one that will make your truck look cooler and offer great protection at the same time? The compact truck tent from Guide gear as well as other tents we have listed here offers just that. These options available for you are definitely worth checking.

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