7 Best Kelty Tents Reviews

Best Kelty Tent Reviews: Being on adventures with family and friends, you need a safe shelter in the middle of nowhere. Tents act as shields against extreme weather conditions. Considering that, we have listed the nine best camping tents you can find online from Kelty. They are very sturdy, high-quality tents made with best material in the industry and have the best features to offer for your camping.

Kelty Wireless Car Camping Family Camping Tent

First on our list is Kelty’s family camping tent, an ultra-lightweight, high-quality tent suitable for 2-4 people. Made of Nylon, the tent is exceptionally light in weight, making it easy to carry and manage. Because of Nylon, Kelty tent is best for adventures as it is durable, and the rainfly. The quality doesn’t end here. It incorporates mesh interior pockets and YKK dual zippers also. This is convenient to fight any weather. You are comfortably sealed under 3000 coating of PU and 210T polyester. You can easily set Kelty’s family tent up, even if it is your first time.

Kelty Late Start 4 Person – 3 Season Backpacking Tent

Next on our list is Kelty’s Late Start tent. This tent is designed to satisfy customers, and the quality speaks for itself. This ultralight tent is convenient to carry and has the best structure, which allows easy setup. A unique foyer, single layer and door, guy ropes, and two trekking poles are all its best features. The tent is also waterproof, and despite heavy rain, it remains dry because of the high-quality silicone and nylon material used. The tent has 4000MM PU and 20D nylon coating, which makes it water-resistant. Despite being seam-taped, airflow regulates perfectly through it due to the skylights. The design of Kelty this tent is detailed to perfection for you to enjoy the adventure more and worry less about tent set up and comfort.

Kelty Grand Mesa Camping Tent

At PU 40mm, silicone coating, 30+ UPF for UV resistance, and 20 D Nylon and perfect design mechanism to fulfill the purpose. The tent’s interior is sturdy against rain or snow and compact enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. The backpacking camping tent has poles of 7001 aluminum which gives it a free-standing design.

Kelty Cotton Tent 4-6 Person’s Tent

This camping tent is different from what we have reviewed before from Kelty. This is because the fabric used for this tent is not nylon or polyester but high-quality cotton instead. It has the ideal dimensions and weight that make it highly suitable for family camping. Moreover, tent is so spacious that it can easily accommodate 3-4 persons. At the same time, it is also very comfortable and luxurious.

There is an aluminum Alloy Rod to provide durability and stability and better support to withstand any condition! The cotton material provides a perfect balance between being able to breathe and resistance to water. We do not however think this is the best choice for extreme weather but perfect for a sunny day camping at the beach. However, the tent also incorporates a breathable mesh top, reinforced webbing, breathable windows, and YKK Zipper. You are sure to have a fantastic sleeping experience with good ventilation and reduced condensation in the tent.

Kelty Tallboy Tent

Here we have Kelty’s Tallboy Tent, which can sleep 4 to 6 people comfortably. It has tent floor and fly 68D Polyester, pre-attached guylines, 4 internal pockets, vented rainfly, color coded pole setup. With 60 sq ft interior space, 58 inch interior peak height, 1 door, 1 vestibule, 3 poles (4P). 85 sq ft interior space, 75 inch interior peak height, 2 doors, 2 vestibules, 3 poles (6P) this Kelty tent is not a bad choice after all.

Kelty Night Owl Tent 1 and 2 Person

This tent’s double layer, outer and inner structure allows it to withstand any weather condition be it snow or rain. No matter what season you are in, this tent is the right one for you. The tent can keep you dry, warm, ventilated, and protect you from any season. These features contribute to the 100% customer satisfaction of this tent. Kelty has designed this tent to make the setup easy and convenient. You don’t have to spend hours figuring out the procedure. The tent is also easy to carry in a backpack. Does not take a lot of space and be compressed with no effort. Made for two persons, it just has the correct dimensions and weight for it. The nylon fabric used is also very breathable and comfortable.

Kelty Backpacking Tent Dirt Model

Best thing about this tent is that it allows you to see the back country if you peel back the protector rainfly. Floor of the tent is highly water resistant 3000 mm with mesh walls. This is a freestanding design which means you can set up the tent and move it around whichever way you needed it to move. Finally, this tent comes with a shark stuff sack which will make packing much easier. All seals are tape sealed in this Kelty tent to protect you from moisture.


Hopefully, the Kelty tent reviews listed above were of help. You should purchase a tent that best suits your needs and fulfills the camping requirement for you. Overall, all of the Kelty Camping Tents have shown to have the same high quality and features to offer. This makes them very travel friendly and convenient. Pick and choose the one that best works for you after reading the detailed Kelty tent reviews listed above! Now, there is nothing to stress about while you are planning your camping with friends or family with our Kelty tents!

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