Naturehike Tent Review For Dummies

Naturehike Tent Review

As you have go through details of thousands of tents online, you may find yourselfselves in a dilemma. It is because the market is flooded with a lot of brands. Every one of these brands claim to be the best. So how do you determine which camping tent to buy? Well, after countless hours or research, we have found out that Naturehike tent is a brand you can trust and we will show you why Naturehike Tents are best in the market and rate them according to our scale from 1 to 5.

Cloud-Up 1, 2, and 3 Person Lightweight Backpacking Naturehike Tent Review

As apparent from the title, this tent comes in three variations. To make it easily portable, it is available in really lightweight version. Its weight ranges from 3.8lbs to 5.7lbs. To make it rain resistant, 210 T polyester is used. Because of its light weight, you can set this tent up quickly. Another feature that makes this thing reliable is a 30-days money-back guarantee.


Cloud-Up 2 Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent with Footprint – 4  Season Free Standing Dome Camping Hiking Waterproof Backpack Tents

This particular tent is made of 20D Nylon mesh. Because of this special mesh, the breathability of this tent is extraordinary. This feature helps you to survive in low oxygen concentration area at high altitudes. Furthermore, its got a rainfly. This rainfly has a coating made of nylon and silicon. This not only makes it waterproof but also gives you sun protection. Its poles are made up of 7001space aluminum which is not only lightweight but also a durable material

To help you store your gear, its outer layer has 23.6 inches long vestibule providing a lot of room for storage. Its main feature is that it is designed for all kinds of seasons. In winter, its double coating prevents you from a cool breeze and keeps you warm. In case of rain, its waterproof feature is helpful. While in the case of summers, you can use vestibules for ventilation.


Cloud-up Ultralight 1 Person Single Tent 3 Season Camping Tent

This product can only sleep a single person and is usable for three seasons. It is prepared in compact bag pack form with a weight of 1.55kg that is exceptionally light for a person to carry. Despite its ultralight weight, it has got all the features of a usual camping tent. It has got pegs, ropes, and footprints too. The material that makes it is highly durable. They are nylon coated with silicon. It has a flysheet coated with silicon, making it impossible for water to pass through. Unlike other tents, its mesh top does not detain you from enjoying the breathtaking view of the horizon. Setting up this tent will not be laborious for you because of its lightweight and free-standing system.


Naturehike Ultralight Backpacking Tent for 1-3 Person, Lightweight, Waterproof, Cycling Hiking Camping, 3 Seasons

In addition to its lightweight feature, this Naturehike tent size is also significantly reduced to make it convenient to carry. In the case of cyclers, it is tough for them to have extra stuff, and they are always looking for every possibility to cut down their weight. This tent is specially designed for them. They can easily carry it without feeling any burden. Hence another name given to this tent is Cycling Hiking Tent. In addition to being waterproof, it also provides you protection against the sun’s UV rays. Both of its outer and inner layers keep it ventilated.


There have been many reports of defective footprint on first couple batches for this particular model. Some customers have complained that pockets are on the wrong end of the tend. Some did not receive the chord end hook.


Lightweight Backpacking Tent 1/2/3/4 Person 3 Season Ultralight Waterproof Anti-UV Camping Tent

Another thing that makes it unique from others is its meshy structure. It has meshes on the top and on the sides too. This character makes it the most ventilated tent. If you have already assembled your tent and now want to move it, you can also do it. You don’t have any need to disassemble the tent to move it to another place.


Naturehike Backpacking Tent Lightweight 1-2 Person Waterproof Anti-UV Double Layer

This tent has one of the most innovative design available in the market. Its nylon layer coated with silicon makes it very catchy. Aluminum poles further add to its beauty with their unique arrangement. While being amusing, this tent has durability too. It is because the silicon and nylon combination has proven its self to be the best against rain and sun rays. The arrangement of poles makes its structure sturdy that you can move it anywhere without disassembling it. It is easy to carry due to its micro shape. Assembling and disassembling this model only requires 2 to 3 minutes.


Naturehike Cloud Peak 4 Season Backpacking Tent for 2-3 Person Hiking Camping

This model is designed in a more conventional shape. If you are a traditional person, you will surely like its conservative round shape with a peak. It is designed to accommodate two persons. Its most differentiating feature is that it has an opening for ventilation right above the flysheet. This thing not only increases the ventilation but also adds a lot to its design and appearance. The nylon used in this is 20D with a coating of silicon. The layer of silicon makes it completely waterproof and UV rays’ proof. Its free-standing posture makes it easily settable.

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 Person 4 Season Tent

When was the Naturehike Cloudpeak tent invented?

Naturehike as a company started peaking in 2018-2019 with the help of Naturehike Cloudpeak tent which started around this time as well.


Great for harsh windy conditions. Excellent construction and materials. Easy to put up, light weight and packs small for motorcycle camping. Comes with everything you need but the campsite.


Difficult to assemble due to its 3 separate pole design. Some customers have also said their stitching quality control is irregular.

Naturehike Tent Review Conclusion

We hope that this Naturehike tent review was beneficial for you to decide what kind of Naturehike tent you should buy for camping. The reviews about every product clearly explain its pros and cons. All the Naturehike tent reviews here reflect that their tents are worth your every penny. Naturehike has given every possible thought into creating their tents to make your experience exceptionally good!

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